Music Fundamentals op = online practice   ws = worksheet Theory ThingsWilliam Wieland
Music Fundamentals IIaIbChooseTerms
1. Identify Treble & Bass Pitches. NOTopopws
2. Write Chromatic Scales. ws
3. Complete bars which use Simple Rhythms. ws
4. Write C# and Cb Major Key Signatures. ws
5. Write Intervals (Numerical Size Only). opws
6. Write Major Triads. NOTopopws
Music Fundamentals IIIIaIIbChooseTerms
1. Identify Alto & Tenor Pitches. Accidentalsopopws
2. Write Major Scales. NOTopws
3. Complete bars that use Compound and Irregular meters. ws
4. Write Major Key Signatures. Handy Guideopws
5. Write minor triads. opopws
6. Illustrate the Circle of 5ths. Circle of Tolkien  Tipsws
Music Fundamentals IIIIIIaIIIbChooseTerms
1. Write Enharmonic Equivalents. ws
2. Write Pentatonic & Whole Tone Scales. ws
3. Provide Time Signatures. 3/4 vs. 6/8pdfws
4. Write Minor Key Signatures. Handy Guideopws
5. To write intervals, memorize...opws
6. Write Augmented & diminished triads. opopws
Music Fundamentals IVIVaIVbChooseTerms
1. Write Natural & Harmonic Minor Scales. opopws
2. Motivic Transformationws
3. Name Closely Related Keys.   (30 Examples) Abbiws
4. Intervals w/o AccidentalsOn the Staffopws
5. Write Dominant Seventh Chords. Seventhsopopws
Music Fundamentals VVaVbChooseTerms
1. Write Melodic Minor Scales. op (ascending) ws
2. Rhythm Writingws
3. Identify pitches given Scale Degree Names. ws
4. Transpose. ws
5. Realize Figured Bass. ws
Music Fundamentals VIVIaVIbChooseTerms
1. Write Modes. LimdapMnemonicsAbbiopws
2. Rhythm Writing 2ExamplesAnotherws
3. Identify Scale Degree Names given pitches. ws
4. Write for Transposing Instruments. ws
(Memorize the keys for tpt, cl, sop sax, alto sax, hn, & eng hn.)
5. Figured Bass for Seventh ChordsAbbreviationsws

MUS 110 Basic Music Theory I Grading
  • 3 points for each completely correct quiz question — OR — 1 point for each worksheet that is at least 90% correct
  • After you have attempted all 33 fundamentals questions, you will receive 1 bonus point for a total of 100 possible points.
  • You must score 100% on a question to receive the 3 points. (Music majors should be able to answer these questions with no mistakes.)
  • If you make an error, you may reattempt that question 24 or more hours later. (To err is human, but I want you to learn.)
  • All reattempts must occur before 5:00 pm on the last day of the semester. (All good things must come to an end.)
Music Fundamentals quizzes and second chances will be offered on Thursdays. You must score 100% on Music Fundamentals I to pass MUS 110.