Keyboard Musicianship “Student Choice” William Wieland

Play By Ear — Begin with melodies alone and progress to melodies with harmony.

The Chromatic ScaleMemorize one of the standard fingerings either hands alone or together.

Harmonize an unmarked melodyIn contrast to Keyboard Competency 4, you choose a familiar melody and you have time to practice it.

Lead Sheets — You have several performance options:
1. Play the triads with one or both hands. Either someone sings the melody or performs it on an instrument. (You and/or I could sing.)
2. Play the melody with your right hand and the triads with your left hand like Keyboard Competency 5.
3. Play triad roots with your left hand and inverted chords with your right hand in a rhythm of your choosing while someone performs the melody.

Play and Sing — Sing one line with solfège while playing the rest on a piano.

Reading a Full Score — Play at least the principle melody and bass line. Play more if you can.

Chord Patterns —  Please perform MUS 110 Keyboard Musicianship Week 10 before you perform the following examples.