Major 5-Finger Patterns Piano PagesWilliam Wieland
Major 5-finger patterns are all whole steps (W) except a half step (½) between the 3rd and 4th notes. The pattern is
Right Hand Finger Numbers: 123  45
Interval: WW½W
Left Hand Finger Numbers: 543  21
C and Gall white piano keys
D and Aone black key in the middle
Db and Abone white key in the middle
C, G, D, A, Db and Ab at random All at random
F and F#4th piano key is different
E and Eb2nd & 3rd are different
B and Bb1st & 4th are different
F, F#, E, Eb, B and Bb at random
Develop good playing habits:
  • Ample Distance from the Keyboard (and Centered)
  • Upright Sitting Posture
  • Relaxed Arms and Shoulders
  • Relaxed and Natural Hand Position
  • Supported Wrists
  • Steady Tempo
  • Unchanging Dynamics
  • Unchanging Articulation
Visual Aid

Ode to Joy — Transpose :o)

Vocal Warm-upsVocal warm-up in 12 major keys

Cheat Sheet for 5-note Vocal Warm-ups

Other Practice Suggestions

Major 5-Finger Pattern Music