Applied Chords Theory ThingsWilliam Wieland
Introduction to Secondary Dominants
Spot the Secondary Dominant by Solfège (Excellent song by Akira Sato)

Music Theory: Secondary Dominants. (Lecture by David E. Farrell)
“Doing Roman numerals twice.” (Carl Mathwig)
  • Look for accidentals not in the key.
  • The Roman numeral below the slash is identical to the next Roman numeral (in first-year theory).
  • Any dominant or leading tone chord may appear above the slash including:
V major triad (up a perfect fifth from the temporary key) V 7 is also common
vii o diminished triad (built on the leading tone of the temporary key) vii o 7 &   vii ø 7
Music featuring these chords:  AmericaBeethoven 1, mvt 1Eternal FatherLift Every Voice and Sing (History)  Star Spangled Banner (1918 ed.)

Worksheets:  Secondary Dominants ISecondary Dominants IISecondary Leading Tone Chords ISecondary Leading Tone Chords II

Online Tutorials: 123

Writing Applied Chords
  1. Identify the secondary key (the bottom Roman numeral).
  2. Write the notes of the top Roman numeral in the secondary key.
  3. Invert if necessary.
  4. Add accidentals if necessary.
Online Writing Tutorials:  I  II 

Write Secondary Dominants and Secondary Leading Tone Chords (Ask me for an answer key.)