Sing and PlayTheory Things   William Wieland
  • Sing the melody.
  • Play cadence pattern chords with your right hand.
  • Play single pitches with your left hand.
C major Cadence Pattern — Chords in C major for "This Old Man", "I'm a Little Teapot", "Silent Night", and many other songs
All 12 keys: Major Cadence Patterns - TriadsMajor Cadence Patterns - V7 chordsMajor Cadence Patterns - full V7 chords

The following tunes are roughly organized by difficulty beginning with the easiest.
This Old Man — small singing range — a choice of 4 keys
Itsy Bitsy Spider — only 2 chords!
3 Songs which use the same music! — small singing range
Silent Night — large singing range — a choice of 6 keys
Jingle Bells — including a secondary dominant
I'm a Little Teapot — a straightforward version and a fancy version
Thousands of song lyrics with chord symbols can be found on the internet.
Simply search for a title. (Add "lyrics" and "piano chords".)

Elton John “Rocket Man”
Billy Joel “Piano Man”