Part Writing Tips Theory Things   William Wieland
Many begin by first writing the bass and soprano. When writing
alto and tenor parts, consider working backwards from cadences.
Work in the following order:
1. Correct Chords
— Write chords in simple position on a separate staff if necessary.
2. Bass Line — Consider the roman numerals and the inversion.
3. Reasonable Ranges
    • Soprano and Bass on the staff
    • Tenor may sing above middle C
    • Alto may sing below middle C
4. Sonorous Spacing
    • Only the bass can be more than an octave from the next part.
    • Check the alto and tenor lines. Perhaps exchange them.
5. Nearest Notes
    • The nearest note of all is not moving. Can any voices remain on the same pitch?
    • Conjunct motion is the smoothest. Can any voices move by step?
    • Resolve tendency tones properly in Dominant Function Chords.
6. NO Perfect Parallels
    • Unisons, Octaves or Fifths
    • If 2 parts move in parallel, check for perfect intervals.
    • If the bass moves by step, move the other parts in the opposite direction.
7. NO Doubled Active Tones — Accidentals, ti, and 7ths of 7th chords