Welcome to MUS 715! Audrey MillerWilliam Wieland
Time CommitmentPlease budget 4 hours per week. If MUS 715 was face to face, it would meet 2 hours per week and include at least 2 hours of homework. This online course should require approximately the same amount of time. Please inform us if any week is unreasonably time-consuming. Thanks!
Course ContentSemester at a Glance offers an overview of the entire course on a single page.
  • Music Fundamentals — We begin by ensuring that you have a solid foundation in music rudiments.
    1. First 5 Weeks — Take self-tests I, II, III, IV, V, & VI. (Reload the page or refresh the screen for a new quiz.)
    2. Next 5 Weeks — Review for the following exam.
    3. One of the Last Weeks — Take the Proctored Comprehensive Music Fundamentals Exam.
  • Weekly Short Analyses — Analysis is the focus of MUS 715. (Look for Short Analysis in the Schedule each week.)
  • Discussions and Scavenger Hunts — We discuss learning and teaching music theory and fundamentals.
    1. Post in D2L one week. (Look for Share in the Schedule every 3rd week.)
    2. Respond the next week.
    3. Submit Scavenger Hunt items the following week.
    (This 3-week sequence is repeated 5 times during the semester.)
  • Reading — A little reading is sprinkled throughout the term.
  • Personal Project — This largest assignment is due during finals week.
EmailAudrey.Miller@northern.edu & William.Wieland@northern.edu
BiographyAUDREY MILLER, CLARINET & William Wieland's Family Biography.