MUS-715-NT1-NT2 Music Theory Analysis for the Educator Audrey MillerWilliam Wieland
Fall Semester, 20212 creditsPrerequisite: Only graduate students may enroll in 700-level courses.
NSU Course Catalog Description: This course examines useful and practical approaches of score analysis, formal structures, and organizational systems for the benefit of music educators.
Course Schedule — Please budget 4 hours per week from August 23 – December 7, 2021. We will accept late work through December 10, 2021.
Instructors: Dr. Audrey Miller
NSU Box 1146
1200 S Jay St.
Aberdeen, SD 57401
Johnson Fine Arts Center 122
tel: 206-491-6806
fax: 605-626-2263
and Dr. William Wieland
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Netiquette:  — Write short messages. Include just one idea per message.
  — Think, then type. Humor and sarcasm are often misunderstood.
  — Be diplomatic. Your words are written and can easily be made public.
Required Materials: Pencil, paper, staff paper, and Beethoven’s Symphony 5, Mvt. I.
Optional Textbooks: Blatter. Revisiting Music Theory. Routledge. 2007. (ISBN-10: 0415974402, ISBN-13: 978-0415974400)
Burstein and Straus. Concise Introduction to Tonal Harmony. 2nd ed. Norton. 2019. (ISBN-10: 0393417190, ISBN-13: 978-0393417197)
Rationale, Goals, Objectives, Activities and AssessmentsInstructional methodologies: Analyzing, reading, reflecting, researching, creating, sharing.
Grades: 40% — Weekly Assignments (Analyzing, Reading, and Sharing) — Grading Rubrics
20% — Scavenger Hunts (and grading rubric)
20% — Proctored Comprehensive Music Fundamentals Exam (and grading rubric)
20% — Personal Project (Place the final draft in your MME Capstone Portfolio.)
Assignments are due on Tuesdays. We will post grades on D2L by Friday. 
A — 90 and above
B — 80 to 90
C — 70 to 80
D — 60 to 70
F — Below 60
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Attendance: Online course attendance is determined by weekly assignment submissions.
Attendance Confirmation: The attendance confirmation date is September 3, 2021. Fee payments are due as well.
Caveat: We frequently make minor changes to the course materials. 
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Freedom in Learning (pages 23 & 24 of the NSU Student Handbook 2020–2021) 
Make-up Policies: Refer to the grading rubrics after Grades above.