MUS 111 Basic Music Theory II — Honors William Wieland
With the approval of Dr. Wieland, you may contract MUS 111 Basic Music Theory II as an honors course. Benefits include a more stimulating course and credits toward an honors degree. Honors students take MUS 111 Basic Music Theory II, but meet the additional requirements listed below. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Wieland in the first week of spring semester.
To earn honors credit, all honors students must
Honors students complete a final project approved by the instructor. Possibilities include
  • theory learning materials which I can place online for future students,
  • a written analysis of a composition,
  • an original composition (It must be performed.),
  • an arrangement scored for your former high school band or chorus (It must be performed.),
  • a transcription of a piece which heretofore has no printed music (It must be performed.), or
  • a recording of yourself singing all parts of a polyphonic work.
Final Project Deadlines — I expect you to meet these deadlines without reminders from me.
  • Proposal — due before February
  • 1st Draft — due before March
  • 2nd Draft — due before April
  • Final Draft — due before 5:00 pm on the last day of class
Finally, as time permits, we will read and discuss two scholarly music articles,