Rondo Form Theory Things   William Wieland
Classical rondos alternate a tonic
refrain with contrasting episodes.

A = Refrain = Rondo = Rondo Theme

(other letters) = Episodes = Couplets

Transitions often link these sections.
A B A C A5-part Rondo or 2-couplet Rondo
A B A C A D A7-part Rondo
A B A C A B Aanother 7-part Rondo (an arch form or palindromic form)
A B A' C A'' D A'''Variation Rondo
A B A C B ATruncated Rondo
  A    B    A    C    A    B'  (A)
Final movements of classical concertos are often in rondo form. The orchestra may present the initial refrain, repeated immediately by the soloist, or vice versa.
Fun examples: Leroy Anderson Sleigh Ride, John Williams Raiders March
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Ritornello Form
The baroque ritornello form is similar to classical rondo form, but only the first and last refrains are in tonic. Examples include Handel Concerto Grossi.