Keyboard Harmony Theory Things   William Wieland
  1. Play the following web pages at the keyboard. (If you print, select Landscape.)
  2. Play again with the alternate bass line.
  3. Transpose and play once more. Repeat this for at least 3 different keys.
  4. On a blank sheet of paper, label roman numerals for each web page. Most feature only 2 or 3 progressions.
  5. Identify roman numerals by ear with a classmate or in small groups. You will take a listening quiz in class. (See below.)
Major Cadence Patterns:   Close Position   Open Position         Minor Cadence Patterns:   Close Position   Open Position
Cadences:   Authentic   Half   Deceptive   Plagal: Major Close  Major Open  Minor Close  Minor Open
Second Inversion Triads:   Cadential Six-Four   Pedal or Neighboring Six-Four   Arpeggiated Six-Four   Passing Six-Four
Other:   I – vi – ii – V – I   Diminished & Augmented Triads

Listening Quiz
  • Write the roman numerals you hear and, if possible, identify the progression.
  • All progressions will be performed in a different key.
  • You will hear a scale and sing tonic to establish the key.
  • Each progression will be played twice.
Level 1 — Any progression from this website played in any key
Level 2 — Anything Goes — any segments found on this website in any combination
Level 3 — Off the Charts — any roman numerals used on this website, but in new voicings and progressions