Minor 5-finger Patterns & Scales Grading Rubric MUAP 115 Syllabus & ScheduleWilliam Wieland
Minor 5-finger PatternsHarmonic Minor Scales   Melodic Minor Scales (optional)
SemesterPoints for competent performances, hands together, from memory
5-finger patterns *1 octave scales3 octave scales
 * Prepare 5-finger patterns in pairs.
Competent performances require
  • correct pitches (the first time),
  • a steady rhythm (slow tempos are encouraged), and
  • good posture and hand position (make it a habit).

I monitor your progress from semester to semester. (I do not hear every item every semester.) I occasionally ask to hear an item you performed competently in the past. If it is no longer satisfactory, I subtract it from your list.

Finally, I do not award more than 100 points for minor 5-finger patterns and scales. However, continue practicing until you are assured of 100 points in the fourth semester.