Major Scales Scale PrepMajor Scales in Blocks Piano Pages   William Wieland
CAGED—The C, A, G, E and D major scales are fingered alike. The middle fingers play together.
    1 octave on the Staff:   C   A   G   E   D
    Keyboard Diagrams:   C   A   G   E   D       Fingering Chart
    3 octaves on the Staff:   C   A   G   E   D
The fourth finger plays right next to the key
with major scales C, A, G, E, and D.
B, F sharp or G flat, D flat, F—Remember V and W from the American Sign Language Alphabet.
    1 octave on the Staff:   B   F
    Keyboard Diagrams:   B   G flat or F sharp   D flat   F
    3 octaves on the Staff:   B   F
B flat, E flat, A flat—The right hand 4th finger plays only B flats. The left hand plays 321 4321 ascending.
    Keyboard Diagrams:   B flat   E flat   A flat
Contrary Motion:   C major   E major
My Scale Routine
Choral Warm Up