Instrumental Scores MUAP 115 Syllabus & ScheduleWilliam Wieland
String Quartets Andante con moto — 24 bars of quarter notes and half notes — from Schubert's "Death and the Maiden" Quartet
Poco adagio cantabile — the German national anthem — from Haydn's "Emperor" Quartet
Andante (17 bars) from Schubert's "Rosamunde" Quartet
Symphonies Haydn's Symphony 94 — The 2nd movement (p. 25) is famous and not very difficult.
II. Allegretto from Beethoven's Symphony 7 — beautiful, dark strings for several pages
Allegro assai — Ode to Joy Theme — from Beethoven's Symphony 9
Handel's Water Music
(including figured bass)
Adagio, e staccato — 8 staves
Aria — 9 staves
Andante — also 9 staves
Air — 4 staves for 18 measures
String Ensemble Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik — definitely challenging
String Ensemble
 and Vocal Solo
Handel's Lascia 'chio pianga — the bassi can be doubled an octave lower
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