Piano Duets Piano Pages   William Wieland
Allard Six Beginner Piano Duets — composed in 2013
Alouette — French folk song
Bruckner Three Little Pieces — The first is very straightforward. 
Bruckner Drei Kleine Vortragsstücke — Another engraving of the previous collection.
Czerny Practical Method for Playing in Correct Time — The primo is written for a student while the secondo is written for a teacher in these 44 pieces.
Diabelli 28 melodische Übungsstücke, opus 149 (Search “Mutopia Project Diabelli op. 149” for more duets in this collection.) 
  Note — In each of these duets, the secondo is trickier than the primo.
4. Allegro
5. Allegretto — In the secondo, bar 11, the right hand should begin with a B like bar 10.
9. Allegretto
Diabelli Jugendfreuden Sonatinas, opus 163 — Once again, the primo is fingered for a student. The secondo is for the teacher. 
Rondo. Allegro vivace. — The first 2 pages are the secondo, the last 2 are the primo.