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Many music educators consider accompanying to be their most important keyboard skill. Please find and master an accompaniment for your instrument or voice. For example, if you are a vocal major, you will probably teach voice lessons. It would be ideal if you could accompany your students—if only at lessons. You may choose an accompaniment from the following selections, but I encourage you to look beyond this webpage.
Folk Songs — Aura Lee (straightforward) • More Notes
    • Melody with lyricsB flat instrumentHorn in F
 — Old Folks at Home (almost Foster's original) • VlnBb instrVla

Spirituals — Balm in GileadMelodyBb instrOld Edition
 — Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (short & simple) • B flat instrument
 — We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder (simple, but lovely)
 — We Shall Overcome (simple, but lovely) • B flat instr
 — Were You There? (from a hymnal—another great source)
    • Wieland arrangementWieland arrangement in D

Bach / Gounod Ave MariaReductionFlute MelodyCello Melody

Handel RinaldoLascia ch’io pianga” • Arhart arr.Bass Clef Melody
    • lower key

Patty & Mildred Hill Happy Birthday

Schubert “Ave Maria” — B flat originalLow voice in G
 — Wieland arrangementSopranoBass ClefBb instr
 — Wieland arrangement in G: PianoViolinAlto Voice

Schumann Dichterliebe
 “Aus meinen Tränen sprießen
 “Ich grolle nicht.

William Schuman Orpheus with his lute

Schirmer's Twenty-four Italian Songs and Arias (the “yellow book”)
 — Caldara “Comme raggio di sol” • HighLow
 — Giordani “Caro mio ben” • Wieland arrangement
 — Monteverdi “Lasciatemi morire!” • HighLow
 — Paisiello “Nel cor” • HighLow
 — Ciampi “Nina” • HighLow
Irish — Down by the Sally Gardens (straightforward) • More Notes
    • Straight MelodySnap RhythmBb instr
 — Red-haired Boy — need a very talented soloist
 — The Road to Lisdoonvarna — need a talented soloist
 — Swallowtail Jig — need a very talented soloist

Christmas Carol Accompaniments

Jazz — Autumn LeavesMelodyBass ClefBb instrEb instr
 — Here's That Rainy DayBass Clef R.H.
    • C & Bb partsEb & F partsBass Clef Melody

Saint-Saëns Carnival of the AnimalsThe Elephant” • Solo

Satie Gymnopedie 1 (in B flat) • TptHnBass Clef
Satie Gymnopedie 1 (in C) • Vln

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Music and the Bassoon (Click on Piano Accompaniments.)

 — Concert and Contest Collection for (choose an instrument)
 — Rubank Soloist Folio for (choose an instrument)
 — Suzuki books for string instruments