Accompanying Tips Piano Pages   William Wieland
  Before the 1st rehearsal,
  • Talk to the soloist.
    • Cut any unnecessary orchestral tuttis or introductions. (Perhaps the introduction was intended for a performance of the entire opera and you are performing just one aria.)
    • Determine all tempos.
    • Schedule rehearsals.
  • Simplify your part if necessary.
    • Play fewer notes well. Do not perform poorly because you attempted to play all of the notes.
    • Eliminate unnecessary octaves, thirds and doublings.
    • Augment (slow) tremolos and other fast passages.
    • White out difficult notes or rewrite troublesome sections.
  • Finger your part.
  • Find your solo lines.
  • Determine page turns.
  • Learn your part.
  • Learn the other part(s).
During rehearsals,
  • Listen.
  • Discuss the music.
  • Determine cues.
  • In general, use little pedal and bring out the bass.
  • Ask a third party to listen for balance.
  • Consider stage logistics and choose performance attire.
During performances,
  • Bow together if you are equal partners.
  • Bow when acknowledged if you are accompanying.
  • Enjoy!