Spaced Repetition — Review at gradually longer intervals of time. William Wieland

  • Spaced Rehearsal
  • Expanding Rehearsal
  • Spaced Retrieval
  • Expanded Retrieval
  • Graduated Intervals
  • Repetition Spacing
  • Repetition Scheduling
How To Remember Anything Forever-ish by Nicky Case explains spaced repetition well.
The Leitner System is effective.
Flashcard Tips:
  • Make your own. Creating them helps you learn the material.
  • Only 1 idea per card. This will improve efficiency—the point of spaced repetition.
  • Use pictures if possible.
  • Use mnemonic devices if possible.
Experts disagree about the length of time between review sessions. Ideally, one should almost forget the concept. This desirable difficulty fosters long-term learning.
  • 1 day, 7 days, 16 days, and 35 days is a common regimen.
  • For simplicity, I review flashcards by date.
    • I divide the month into 1–10, 11–20, and 21–end.
    • I divide the year into Jan–April, May–Aug, and Sept–Dec.
    • I decide how well I know a card and place it in the appropriate section—from 10 or fewer days in the future to 5 or more months.
1st – 10th of the month 11th – 20th of the month 21st – end of the month
January – April May – August September – December