Retrieval Practice — Pull information out rather than cram it in.William Wieland
Low Stakes or No Stakes (No Grades) – Retrieval practice is a learning strategy, not an assessment.
  • Short Quizzes – Provide immediate feedback.
  • Flashcards – Spoken (not just in your head) – How I Have Learned German (halfway down)
  • Think – Pair – Share (before a class discussion)
  • Brain Dumps (a.k.a. Brain Drains or Free Recall) – Write down everything you know about a particular topic. (A brain dump could be the “Think” portion of “Think – Pair – Share.”)
  • Partner’s Best – Students share the best idea from their partner. (They must listen.)
  • Retrieve Taking – Read part of a textbook, but take no notes. Close the book and write down the important points. Check your work.
  • Retrieve Taking – Listen to a lecture. Stop and write down the important points. Ask questions.
  • Tell me 3. – Write down 3 things you learned today (or yesterday or last week...)