Ask the experts. MUS 111   William Wieland
Experts are listed by instrument at the bottom of Class Ensemble Project Assignment 2. (A saxophone major knows more about performing the saxophone than I do.) You may ask the experts outside of class, but ask "our" experts. You are writing for the musicians in our class ensemble.
On the 3rd Tuesday after spring break, I will scatter the experts nearby and ask them to be ready to perform. The writers will move from instrument to instrument and hear each part performed. I will gradually ask the experts to take their own full scores to the other experts.
Experts — Perform your entire part in each full score. (The writers need to hear it.)
    — Offer advice.
    — If your part is fine, initial next to your name on the instrumentator's class ensemble list.
    — If your part needs revision, pencil the revisions where they occur in the score. The writer will make changes and ask you to play the part again.
    — If you initial the music, that tells me that you will perform it well at the end of the semester.
Writers — Listen to each part. Do you hear what you want to hear? (Maybe it will sound different, but good.)
    — Ask questions.
    — Make revisions until all instrument name are initialed.
    — When you have collected all the initials, show your score to Dr. Wieland.