Class Ensemble Project Grading Rubric MUS 111 Syllabus   MUS 111 Schedule   William Wieland
Every project begins as a 95.
I make deductions as follows:
30 points:
  • You did not submit the piece in time to hear it performed.
  • One or more parts were unplayable, e.g. they contained pitches beyond the range of the instrument or unreasonably difficult passages.
  • One or more parts were transposed incorrectly or included 6 or more incorrect notes.
  • One or more parts contained 3 or fewer notes.
20 points:
  • You did not collect initials for your full score.
  • The scoring was over three fourths tutti.
10 points:
6 points:
  • You submitted a concert score rather than a transposed score.
  • The scoring was over two thirds tutti.
  • I thought the melody was difficult to hear.

Additional points may be awarded for the following:
  • Each part was carefully crafted with that instrument's idiosyncracies in mind.
  • No instrument had a boring or an excessively difficult part.
  • The score featured well-balanced, interesting instrumental combinations and explored compelling doublings, mutes, and/or extended techniques.