Class Ensemble Project — Short Score MUS 111 Syllabus & ScheduleWilliam Wieland
Show me hand written or printed music which meets the following criteria:
  • Just 2 staves (treble & bass) or 4 staves (SATB) — so you can easily comprehend your piece.
  • Short (1 to 2 minutes) — so you have time to complete a full score and extract parts and so we have time to perform it.
  • Simple — so your classmates can sight read it. We are all too busy to rehearse these. Score the music in a comfortable range for each instrument. Avoid sixteenth notes and syncopations. If necessary, transpose the piece to a reasonable key, i.e. no more than 2 sharps or 3 flats.
  • Polyphonic (3 or 4 parts using 2 staves, treble and a bass) — It will look like piano music.
  • Complete — all pitches and rhythms
Writing music well for a unique ensemble is a useful skill. You will create a piece for instruments available in class. You may do one of the following:
  • Composition — an original work
  • Arrangement — an adaptation that retains the melody or harmony of the original but otherwise is new
  • Transcription — music scored for different performing forces. You might change the key, but the music remains fundamentally unchanged.
     — You may select a chorale from Forty Bach Chorales, but not BWV 371 or 437, because they are too long. (Many will recognize BWV 262, 303, and/or 386.)
Voices and piano are not included because you compose a threefold amen and piano piece this semester.
Please ask questions and show me your progress before this is due.