Music Composition Assignments — You choose. William Wieland
For most assignments, save your music as an mp3 file so that we can listen to it online.
(We are a large class and cannot listen to everyone’s music during class every week.)
Either record acoustic instruments or export your music from a computer program.
I would like to listen to a composition or 2 in class each day. In that case, please write for
  • your instrument or voice, (Be prepared to perform.)
  • piano, (Write music I can sight read.) and/or
  • the class. (Something we can sing, tap, click, etc.)
Note: Short pieces are about 1 minute long. (Many assignments ask for 3 short pieces.)
Aleatoric Assignment

Bad Music Assignment

Bitonality/Polytonality Assignment

Constraints Assignment (Do early.)

Contrast Assignment
  Drawing/Prose Assignment

Extended Techniques Assignment

Lennon/McCartney Assignment

Lyrics Assignment

Musique Concrète Assignment
  Non-tertian Chords Assignment

Program Music Assignment

Rhythm Assignment (Do early.)

Variations Assignment

Other Ideas (untried) — Please offer more ideas.

Microtones Assignment (incomplete)

Pastiche Assignment (incomplete)

Utilitarian Assignment (incomplete)

Fight Song — Something short to be played to excite the crowds at a sporting event. It would have upbeat energy and possibly instructions for spectators to do mass movement or shouting together.