Welcome to MUS 715! William Wieland
Time Commitment — If MUS 715 was face to face, it would meet 2 hours per week and include at least 2 hours of homework. This online course should require approximately the same amount of time. Please inform me if any week is unreasonably time-consuming. Thanks!
Structure of the Course — We will analyze music every week. You will frequently self-correct your work this semester. (I have provided answer keys.) I want you to hone your analytical skills without attaching a grade to every assignment.
  • Weeks 1–5 — Build a firm foundation. — We all teach music fundamentals at one time or another. Learning and teaching music rudiments well is an important foundation for music theory analysis and my starting point for this class.
    • Take music fundamentals self tests   I   II   III   IV   V   &   VI.   (Reload the page or refresh the screen for a new quiz.) 
    • Note which rudiments you need to review. 
    • Share learning strategies for music rudiments and theory. Seek better teaching approaches. 

  • Weeks 6–10 — Deepen understanding. — The Rogers book offers profound insight about analyzing music.
  • Weeks 11–16 — Analyze. — I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.
So you may get to know me, please read William Wieland's Family Biography.