Counterpoint Final Exam MUS 411 Counterpoint
Composition — Write species counterpoint. I will provide a cantus firmus. (Study species 1–4.)
      — Write invertible counterpoint and explain any resulting poor counterpoint. I will provide 2-part counterpoint.
Analysis — Identify harmonic intervals by number, then circle and identify any dissonances. (See pp. 170 & 171.)
      — Identify themes, counterthemes, sequences, inversion and principal modulations in a Bach invention
      — Identify subjects, countersubjects, the exposition, sequences, inversion, stretto and principal modulations in a Bach fugue.
Listening — Identify nonharmonic tones by ear. (Again, see pp. 170 & 171.)
      — Aurally identify the following:
  • Bach's Cello Suite 1, Prelude — opening measures
  • Hindemith's Ludus Tonalis "Fuga secunda in G" — opening measures (p. 11)
  • Bartσk's Mikrokosmos Book III "Chromatic Invention" (p. 20)
  • Bach's Invention No. 1 in C (pp. 200 & 201)
  • Bach's Well Tempered Clavier Book I "G major Fugue" — subject (p. 244)
  • Bach's The Art of the Fugue — subject (p. 245)
  • The King's Theme (The Royal Theme) — the subject from Bach's The Musical Offering (p. 240 & the handout)
      Page numbers refer to Owen's Modal and Tonal Counterpoint.
      You can listen to the compositions at the Naxos Music Library.