COVID-19 Online Schedule for MUS 313 Form and Analysis William Wieland
I will be available every Monday and Wednesday morning at 9:00 am via Zoom.
Simply check your NSU e-mail just before nine. I will e-mail everyone a link.

Please take advantage of our short Mon and Wed classtimes. It's often easier for me to
answer music theory questions face-to-face. And if you have a question, other students
probably do too. Moreover, I will help you prepare for the final exam a little each time.
Due Date Assignment (E-mail me a photo, scan, or word processing document.)
March 27 — No More Quizzes (However, you may make up previous quizzes one at a time. E-mail me for details.)
— A Roman numeral analysis with figures of “Hymn” Reduction ( J.S. Bach WTC I, C major prelude )
Hint #1 – You will find secondary dominants and secondary leading tone chords.
Hint #2 – You will find pedal tones.
Hint #3 – One note is very sneaky. It makes no sense until you look at the original keyboard composition.
April 3 Mozart’s Requiem “Lacrimosa” Analysis Assignment
Reading Guide Questions — First read Schenker Notes and Heinrich Schenker (first 6 pages)
Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis — Optional Reading: Heinrich Schenker (final 26 pages)
April 9 — Directed Scavenger Hunts: Go to Augmented Sixth Chords and locate exactly where the Italian,
  German, and French augmented 6th chords are in the Beethoven and Joplin examples.
Play a lead sheet with decent voicings.
April 10 is Good Friday and April 12 is Easter.
April 17 Mozart’s Requiem “Lacrimosa” Essay Rough Draft
— Read Rondo Form, then identify the principle sections and keys in Movement 2 of
  Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 8, Op. 13. Please include measure numbers.
April 24 — Directed Scavenger Hunts: Go to Neapolitan Sixth Chord and locate exactly
  where the Neapolitan 6th chords are in the Gounod and Chopin examples.
Mozart Canon Assignment
May 1 Mozart’s Requiem “Lacrimosa” Essay Final Draft
Comprehensive Final Exam Prep (including P, I, R, and RI of a tetrachord)
May 8 Comprehensive Final Exam (probably proctored)