MUS 110 Basic Music Theory I — 2020 Schedule Syllabus   D2L   William Wieland
Typical Week: (Every time I return a quiz, correct it.)
M: JFAC 175 — Worksheets (My Time Monday), Keyboard Musicianship Quick Check, Computer Assignment, & Small Group Work
Tu: SP 305 — Lecture, Ensemble Performing, & Assignment (I Do, We Do, You Do Tuesday)
W: JFAC 175 — Individual Performing (1-on-1 Wednesday), Keyboard Musicianship Entry, & Computer Assignment
Th: SP 305 — Lecture, Ensemble Performing & Listening Quiz (Think and Listen Thursday)
Fr: SP 305 — Explain and Demonstrate next Keyboard Musicianship, Lecture, Analysis & Music Fundamentals (Fundamentals Friday)
Typical Day:
— Walk-in video, then "It's 10:00."
— Review (if necessary)
— Something new (See upcoming week.)
— Perform & listen (See upcoming week.)
— Quiz
Th, December 12 (9:45–11:45): Perfect Attendance Awards — "Silent Night" story — Comprehensive Final Exam in Spafford 305 (optional break at 10:45)

This schedule will change.

Scheduling Principles:
  • Because they elicit study and concentration, I give a quiz almost every day.
  • I avoid giving quizzes or exams immediately after holidays or tours.
  • I give quizzes at the end of class to excuse students as quickly as they finish.
Learning Music Theory