Instrumental Scores MUAP 115 Syllabus & Schedule William Wieland
String Quartets Andante con moto 24 bars of quarter notes and half notes from Schubert's "Death and the Maiden" Quartet
Poco adagio cantabile the German national anthem from Haydn's "Emperor" Quartet
Andante (17 bars) from Schubert's "Rosamunde" Quartet
Symphonies Haydn's Symphony 94 The 2nd movement (p. 25) is famous and not very difficult.
II. Allegretto from Beethoven's Symphony 7 beautiful, dark strings for several pages
Allegro assai Ode to Joy Theme from Beethoven's Symphony 9
Handel's Water Music
(including figured bass)
Adagio, e staccato 8 staves
Aria 9 staves
Andante also 9 staves
Air 4 staves for 18 measures
String Ensemble Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik definitely challenging
String Ensemble
 and Vocal Solo
Handel's Lascia 'chio pianga the bassi can be doubled an octave lower
Please suggest more.