COVID-19 Online Schedule for MUAP 115, Class Instruction-Keyboard William Wieland
Please record videos and e-mail them to me. (Let me know if that doesn't work.)
In all cases, choose music or exercises that I have not heard you perform well.
(Refer to the Keyboard Competency Progress Chart I e-mailed to you.)
Due Date Assignment (I need to hear you and see your hands in the video.)
March 27 Please record a video of something (anything) at the piano this week.
April 3 Minor Cadence Patterns
April 9 2 parts of a Choral Score (You may record them one at a time or both at once.)
April 10 is Good Friday and April 12 is Easter.
April 17 Major Scales or Harmonic Minor Scales
April 24 The remaining parts of your Choral Score
May 1 An Accompaniment (preferably for your own instrument or voice)
May 8 Submit a recording of yourself playing all the parts of your Choral Score. (Overdub.)