Attendance MUAP 115 Syllabus & ScheduleWilliam Wieland
To improve at the piano, you must practice, therefore I take roll every class period. (If you attend class, I know you practiced that day.)

I award you 1 point for every day you attend the entire class.
  You earn point for every day you are tardy or leave early,
  You earn point if you attend at least 25 minutes of class.

Please note that you may make up absences on Fridays from 1:001:50 or by attending the other section of MUAP 115 if space permits.


If you use social media or play computer games during class, you are not practicing. (It's just like being absent.)

Therefore, if I observe non-MUAP 115 activity during class, I lower your attendance grade 1 point. (3 points/day max)

Please note that you may make up these points just like you make up absences.