Dad’s Commandments (only 7!)
1. Organize. (Schedule.) Carry your weekly schedule and semester calendar. Keep them tidy and up to date. Talk to your advisor regularly.
2. Sleep. (Go to bed.) Teenagers need 9¼ hours of sleep a day. Determine when you need to get up. Go to bed 9½ hours earlier.
3. Eat (healthy foods.) “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” Add meal times to your weekly schedule.
4. Go to class. (Take notes and
 ask questions.)
Write ideas in your own words and draw diagrams (both by hand) to learn faster and better. Ask questions in class and during office hours.
5. Work. (Study.) Finish your homework before you play. Join study groups. Go to tutoring sessions. If you can explain concepts out loud in complete sentences without notes like a lecture, you are done reviewing.
6. Play (with others.) Orchestra, Choir, Intramurals, Student Organizations, Church Groups (very little or no computer games, social media, drinking or gambling)
7. Call home (weekly.) Schedule a regular time. They will wait by the phone.